This got me right in the feels.

I’m usually not into the Frisky, but this one totally called me out. They are a doing a How To Deal Week, focusing on mental health. This is the article titled: Girl Talk: I’m the Girl Before the Therapist.

So, this is how it usually goes: I meet a guy, we start dating, some major issue of his is revealed — he’s a narcissist! he’s hates his mom! he’s emasculated by the fact that I make more money! — and my role in the relationship becomes sort of like a mirror, reflecting back at him the shit he needs to work on. I definitely don’t present myself as perfect, but I think it’s pretty clear from spending any quality time with me that I am upfront about my baggage, am clear about being a work in progress, and that I’m taking responsibility, on a daily basis, for my own mental well-being.

This is really, really cute.

This is my friend and his girlfriend, and they have an ongoing challenge to see who is the better half. Tonight they are going to do Challenge No. 2 - skeeball. Air Hockey was the first, and Richard cheats because he doesn’t play like a normal person (I’m gonna say that and he can’t rebut it) and so I’m assuming he won the best of 7.

I’m going to do this with my next boyfriend AND BEAT HIM AT EVERYTHING.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The only time a Taco Bell mention has ever made me smile.


Richard: so how’d it go with the super-clinger?
Jennifer: i have a pregnant :(
Richard: i knew it.
Jennifer: naw
he just looked at me the way any girl would want to be looked at
by someone they loved.
he looked at me the way i look at taco bell.

God I love me some Taco Bell.

This is one of my favorite web comic strips EVER.